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Zaful Swimwear Review

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I hate spending money on swimwear.

Okay, I actually love it…but it hurts how expensive swimsuits can be. For real, who really wants to drop $100 on a bathing suit when you can get them much cheaper elsewhere?! I became determined to find affordable and amazingly adorable bikinis. So I started doing some research and came across and their humongously overwhelming (in a good way) line of swimwear. I decided to share my experience with you all in the form of a Zaful swimwear review!

Zaful swimsuits are all over Pinterest and it got my curiosity going. I was determined to find out if the swimwear was any good, and not some internet scam…and I figured I wasn’t the only one wondering! Hence, my Zaful Swimwear review!

Guys seriously, they have a HUGE selection of clothing & bathing suits, many of which are already on sale. I browsed the site, had two glasses of wine, and purchased 5 bikinis.

Without further ado, here is my Zaful swimwear review (I am a rhyming queen).

Disclaimer: These opinions are 100% my own, as this is not a sponsored post. I choose to only promote products and/or services that I wholeheartedly believe will benefit my readers and their lifestyles.

Zaful Swimwear Review - Everything You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Zaful Swimwear Review:

The swimsuit variety on is amazing.

I really like how Zaful stays up to date on the latest swim trends. One piece swim is making a comeback, and they have so many different options. They also have crochet tops, bikinis, tankinis, and high-waisted bottoms.

The five bikini sets I purchased are linked to Zaful’s site below:

  1. Strappy High Leg Bikini Set– Blue – $12.49
  2. Lace Up Printed Spaghetti Straps Bikini Set- Yellow – $21.99
  3. Leopard Spot Print Bralette Bikini Set- Leopard – $18.49
  4. Snakeskin Lattice Bikini Set- Blue – $16.49
  5. Ombre Criss Cross Bikini Set- Deep Blue – $20.49

The quality.

I am super happy with the quality of the Zaful swimwear I purchased. They do not feel cheap or flimsy and are well made overall. They were all the correct size, and I’m able to stretch and adjust the fabric without feeling like it will break or rip easily.

I just bought 4 new bikinis from Zaful! – Check out my Zaful Bikini Summer Haul 2018

The shipping.

Shipping was…kinda weird. Even though I submitted one order, I received three separate shipments. It shipped internationally, so the first shipment arrived about 2 weeks after I submitted my order. It was a decent wait time, considering the website estimated it would take a little over a week.

Three bathing suits came in the first shipment, with the second and third coming about 2 & 4 days after receiving the initial package. They all arrived individually wrapped in standard shipping bags.

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The fit.

The majority of swimsuits come in smalls, mediums and larges. Fortunately, Zaful provides a sizing guide on their website. I’m 5’1 and around 110 lbs, so I’m always buying size small. My torso and chest are tinier than my hips and thighs, so the suits that fit my upper body are a little tight on da booty.

The deep blue bikini is so bright and SO cute. The bottoms fit me great and are pretty cheeky (which is more my personal style). However, the top does not have adjustable straps, so it’s way too big for me. I’m actually really bummed ugh.

The ombre tie-dye pattern is adorable, but the bikini feels too thin. I like the uniqueness back straps, but the top and bottoms are a little too loose for me.

The yellow and light blue tops fit me perfectly and I am so happy they have the tie/adjustable straps. The neon yellow and light blue are beautiful shades, and I’m all about the plain tops/pattern bottoms combo.

The leopard top is wide on my chest, but the adjustable straps make it manageable. The bottoms are a little less cheeky than the snake-skin/floral bottoms and fit me perfectly.

and the best part?

The price for all 5 swimsuits was only $77!

…which is so affordable. I even signed up for weekly emails so I could receive an additional discount. AND Since my order was greater than $30, I got free shipping. Another added bonu$.


Don’t make the same mistake I did. It is SO important to read Zaful’s return policy. There is a 30-day return policy, HOWEVER, that only applies if there is a mistake on Zaful’s end. For example, if they send you the wrong size, the wrong swimsuit etc. THUS I was stuck with two ill-fitting bikinis…ugh.

The rest of the bikinis I wear regularly and they are just as adorable in the water as they are out of it. Mentally prepare for some wack tan lines.


Would I purchase Zaful swimwear again?

Yes. However, I would be more cautious with my purchases. In my future purchases, I may only consider swimsuits with adjustable straps and ties…unless it’s so damn cute in the pictures I may just have to take my chances!

Have you ever purchased anything from Zaful? What was your opinion, and would you purchase from them again? Comment your Zaful swimwear review below!

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  • Reply
    Makaela | Uniquely Mickie
    October 16, 2017 at 9:02 PM

    I’ve actually ordered from Zaful before and had a horrible experience with them, but they gave me a full refund instead of returning the items.

    Still super cute swimsuits, but totally not made for people with a pear shape.

    -xo, Makaela

    • Reply
      October 17, 2017 at 7:11 AM

      Yeah, I can definitely tell they are body specific. If I were to order from them again I’d 100% make sure it was adjustable. Thanks Makaela!

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