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9 Stretches to Help You Get The Splits in Your 20’s

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Have you always wanted to get the splits but didn’t know where to start?

Have you given up because you feel that you’re “too old” or “too busy?” I’m here to tell ya that you’re wrong so SNAP OUTTA IT SISTA and get ready to get as flexy as this doggo! By practicing yoga split stretches, you’re well on your way to getting the splits.

Now, I’ll admit I’m biased since I grew up doing gymnastics and have always been relatively flexible. However, that doesn’t mean your flexibility can’t improve as you get older! There are many benefits of stretching on a regular basis, including injury prevention, improved posture and stress relief (my faveee).

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I’ve talked to so many people about working towards improving their flexibility, and the number one thing they strive for is “getting the splits.”

So I’ve decided to post some yoga split stretches & tips for those interested in improving their overall flexibility and/or working towards getting the splits.

9 Stretches to Help You Get The Splits In Your Twenties

**Disclaimer**  These stretches are to be done at your own discretion. Please listen to your body! Stretching should feel good. Work your way into stretches at a slow and comfortable pace. 

Yoga Split Stretches:

1. Standing Pike Stretch

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

Hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings.

You don’t need to be touching the floor! Go as far as you can. It helps to keep the knees slightly bent, and not fully locked straight (which mine look like they are…oops).

2. Sitting Pike Stretch

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

Sitting allows more control (since gravity isn’t playing as much of a role) so feel free to pike stretch while sitting if you’re feeling extra sore. Flexing your feet adds another dimension to it.

3. Kneeling Lunge

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

Lunging stretches help your abs, hips, and legs. Make sure your front knee is not farther than your front foot! If you need more stability, feel free to put your hands on the floor.

4. Reverse Lunge Stretch

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

(I’m not sure exactly what to call this one)! Try and get your nose to your front knee if you can. Again, the more you flex your front foot, the more the hamstring stretch.

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5. Pigeon Pose

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

I love pigeon pose. It’s one of my favorite yoga split stretches. It stretches your groin, and that outer IT band. Absolutely awesome stretch (especially after a tough booty workout).

6. Reclined Pigeon Pose

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

Our bodies change on a day-to-day basis. Some days you might feel super bendy, while other days you feel physically exhausted and sore. Listen and pay attention to your body! Mindfulness is absolutely key in stretching, especially if you’re looking for that stress relief. If pigeon pose feels like too much, reclined pigeon allows more control in your movements, and makes a great alternative to the OG Pigeon.

7. Pancake Stretch

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

Pancake stretch is awesome for your inner thighs and hips! Sit in a straddle (big or small) and lean forward. Make sure you keep your kneecaps facing the sky…otherwise that spells some serious hip issues for ya in the future, and we don’t want that.

Start off slow and work your way as far as you feel comfortable. When you get to be flat (like a pancake!!), spread your legs further to get more of that inside hip stretch.

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

8. Seated Side Straddle Stretch

Get the Splits & Improve Overall Flexibility

Solid alliteration 😉 Sitting in a side straddle, lean over to each side. A great side abdomen stretch. Keep your knees facing to the sky!

9. Butterfly Stretch

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This stretch can be adjusted by moving your feet closer/further away from you, and leaning forward (but try to keep your back as straight as possible)!


The key to improving flexibility is being consistent. Believe in yourself! Set aside time as often as you can to stretch it out and take photos of your progress. Or have a friend tag along on your journey to keep you motivated and physically help you (hello partner stretches). By practicing consistently and doing these yoga spilt stretches, you’re well on your way to getting the splits, my friends.

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