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How to Save $500 Dollars in 6 Weeks - Weekly Savings Plan
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How to Save $500 Dollars in Six-Weeks for Last Minute Travel

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Picture this—you’re invited to a “last-minute” thing where you need to save up some money for travel and you need to do it fast.

Who knows, maybe your friend has an extra ticket for a concert across the country, or you get invited to a spontaneous bachelorette party in Vegas (does that actually happen? lol). Regardless of your circumstances, you’re here because you’re looking for a weekly savings plan, more specifically how to save $500 dollars in only 6 weeks. My lovely friends, you’ve come to the right place.

So if you’re new here, welcome! A mini backstory about me, but I am an east coast girl who recently relocated out to California for work and love…but mostly love lmao. After five years of long distance, I finally packed up my shit and moved in with my boyfriend. While living out on the golden coast is awesome, most (okay—all my friends) are still out east. Womp.

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AND I’ve officially reached my mid-twenties. I’ve reached that point in my life where engagements and weddings are happening wayyy more frequently. This year, I’m flying back to New Jersey for two weddings, and I have a feeling that number will only go up from here on out.

Now that I’m done talking about why I need to save money for travel, keep reading to learn how you can save $500 dollars in only six weeks using this weekly savings plan.

How to Save $500 Dollars in Six Weeks for Last Minute Travel - Weekly Savings Plan

How to Save $500 Dollars in Six Weeks using a Weekly Savings Plan:

Weekly savings plans are a super easy concept. By each weekend–I use Saturday as day #7–you should have a “designated” amount of money saved up. After the total amount of weeks per your savings plan is complete, you should have all the money you need for travel!

Sounds easy, right?

This particular weekly savings plan is more aggressive considering it’s a large sum of money (large for me, anyway).  However, saving up this money can come in handy for last minute travel, excursions, or any other unexpected payments you may need to make.

How to Save $500 Dollars in 6 Weeks - Weekly Savings Plan

Like I said, the numbers may appear pretty intimidating. However, your ability to travel at your own discretion without having to worry about your finances will be worth it. Of course, saving money is easier said than done. In order to save $500 in six weeks you need to:

1. Spend Less on Unnecessary Items.

Friends, I totally get it.  The temptation is out there and it is so sweet.

It’s hard to not give in when you see those cute ass outfits on Instagram for 20% off. Stay strong, and don’t UP your spending habits just because you’re saving. Otherwise, you’ll break even and not be able to afford your trip …aka you’re gonna get one bad case of #FOMO.

2. Put Your Money Away Where You Can’t Get to It.

Self-discipline is a major key if you’re trying to save money using a weekly savings plan.  Be smart about which account you put your money into. For example, my checking and savings account are both linked together with Wells Fargo, but anything I put into my savings I do not touch unless it’s a life or death situation.  Know your own discipline levels and work with them.

If addiction to your credit or debit cards is your weakness (that’s me!!), withdraw cash each week and place it in a mason jar or piggy bank. That way, you won’t get “card happy” and spend everything you’ve worked so hard to save.

3. Have Motivation.

Why are you saving your money? What is the reasoning behind your need to save in the first place? When the temptation gets strong, always circle back to why you’re doing it. It’s all about finding and remembering your why. 

If you want to break down this weekly savings plan down even further, consider making it into a daily routine. I’ve broken down my 6-week plan into daily values:

How to Save $500 Dollars in 6 Weeks - Weekly Savings Plan

Sometimes, breaking money down into smaller, bite-sized pieces (i.e $10 dollars a day = Chipotle with Chips & Guac), can lessen the stress and make money-saving strategies appear much easier. After all, $5 dollars one day looks way more manageable than $85 dollars one week.

By following these guidelines,  you’re well on your way to saving and affording last minute travel and other fun experiences. Make your twenties the best years yet filled with lots of travel and minimal money stress.

Interested in receiving a printable version of this document posted above? If so, please let me know by commenting down below to express your interest! I would love to hear back from my readers and learn how I can improve your experiences. 🙂

Many of you have requested PDFs, so I pasted them down below! Enjoy!!

How to Save $500 Dollars in 6 Weeks – Weekly Savings Plan

How to Save $500 Dollars in 6 Weeks – Weekly Savings Plan 2

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    This is a great way to save quickly without stressing about meeting your goals because its basically $500 in 3-months and $2000 over 1 year. It can be used for any savings goals I may have. Please send me the printable copy.

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