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Red-Eye Flight Tips – Essentials Items You Need To Survive A Red-Eye Flight

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Hope you all are having an amazing day filled with costumes, candies and a bunch of hocus pocus! A few weekends ago, I flew home for my cousin’s wedding and had my first ever red-eye flight experience. I wish I had looked up red-eye flight tips prior to my departure tbh. 

With the holiday’s approaching, traveling, especially by plane, might be your main mode of transportation. Looking back, if I could go back in time, there are definitely a few things I’d do differently to prepare for my overnight flight. So, I’ve decided to create today’s blog post featuring red-eye flight tips, so you’re not completely incapacitated (like I was) the entire next day.

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Red-eye flights are extremely convenient. After all, there is a reason why they exist in the first place! Keep reading to learn about red-eye flight tips and essential items you need to get some shut-eye, and land refreshed and ready to take on the next day.

Red-Eye Flight Tips and Survival Guide

Red-Eye Flight Tips & Essential Items:

Invest in a Neck Pillow or a Pillow that suits your comfort level.

Investing in a neck pillow is one of the best things you can do to prepare for an overnight flight…especially if you’re trying to snooze the entire way. Sitting up napping is definitely not the most comfortable position to sleep in, but unless you’ve got money to blow on first class (which I don’t!), then it’s the most affordable method.

neck pillow will allow you to sleep more comfortably, without having yourself jolt awake every 15 minutes. A ton of different kinds of pillows exist too, so you can pick which one suits your needs and comfort level best.

Be strategic In your flight and seat choice.

If you have the ability to book a nonstop flight, book it ASAP. Even if it’s just slightly more expensive, you’re paying for convenience. Likewise, if you are able to choose your seat, chose it wisely. Go for the window seat if you want to lean on the plane, or book the aisle if you know you pee often. You don’t want to be disturbing other passengers by getting up in the middle of the night.

Bring a hoodie & wear comfortable clothing.

Wear comfortable clothes for the flight so you’re not up and fidgeting around the duration of the flight. A hoodie or sweatshirt allows the best temperature control (if you’re hot or cold) and blocks out any surrounding lights from people’s phones, iPad or movie screens. Personally, I like to cocoon myself in my hoodie so no one sees how much I drool when I sleep.

If you’re not about that hoodie life, invest in a sleep mask to block out any light.

Red-Eye Flight Tips and Survival Guide

Pack a travel blanket.

Why are planes always freezing? I always find myself to be shivering on a plane (or anywhere for that matter), so a blanket is another good method to warm up. I also find myself able to sleep for longer periods of time when I use a blanket. Maybe that’s just me, but a travel-sized blanket is always a safe bet. Just be sure it’s small and easy to carry around/stuff inside your carry on bag!

Get Yoself some sleep aids.

Hey, sometimes ya need a little extra help in getting to sleep. No shame in that.

If you don’t want to be completely dead the next day, it’s best to get as much sleep as you possibly can! Sleeping pills like Unisom, or Zzzquil can definitely help with that. If you choose a more natural remedy route, melatonin chewies or pills can assist you in falling asleep.

Purchase noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.

This was the Achilles heel of my red-eye flight. As I previously mentioned, I was seated in front of an 8-year-old girl doing her math problems (good for her tbh), but she did NOT want to go to bed. Kids, so young and naive. It’s amazing how much you want to sleep as an adult lol.

I tried, but I just couldn’t tune her out. Moments like those make me wish I had those noise-canceling headphones or the cheaper alternative- earplugs. They would have come in extremely clutch in that situation.

Drink water– but not too much!

This one has its pros and cons since you don’t want to get up and pee every 20 minutes. However, when I don’t drink enough water I tend to get restless, and I am unable to sit comfortably and still. Because I was dehydrated, I was constantly adjusting and moving around. My sleep was inadequate at best.

 Avoid caffeine and alcohol prior to taking off!

While you think alcohol will knock you out, you probably won’t get a restful snooze. Hence why you always wake up exhausted after a night of boozing. Steer clear of caffeine and alcohol at least several hours before you take off. Your body will be grateful, and you avoid waking up with a gnarly hangover.

Red-Eye Flight Tips and Survival Guide

Red-eye flights aren’t the easiest…after all, there is a reason why they’re called red-eyes. I Hope these red-eye flight tips help to make your overnight flight a little bit smoother, and run as comfortable as possible!

I want to end today’s post by asking Y’all about your personal experiences taking a red-eye. Do you have any other red-eye flight tips and suggestions for readers?

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