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How to Plan the Ultimate College Friendsgiving

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Within the past few years, I’ve noticed that Friendsgiving has quickly grown in popularity.

What is Friendsgiving you ask? Friendsgiving is like a Thanksgiving pregame- rather than spending time with your crazy family, it’s a celebration often dedicated to spending time with friends. It’s pretty popular among the collegiate crowd since it’s the first time being away from all your college friends for an extended period of time…It’s also, a great excuse to get sloshed with your BFFs. Since it’s popularity growth, numerous resources for Friendsgiving ideas have been published all over the internet…especially Pinterest. 

Whether you’re too poor to travel, or just don’t want too, Friendsgiving can be one of the most heartwarming and best days of the year…If you plan it properly! Since it’s already November Friendsgiving is right around the corner.

It’s time to get hyped and plan the ultimate college Friendsgiving with these amazing guidelines and Friendsgiving ideas. Keep reading below for more Friendsgiving ideas so you can plan the ultimate celebration with your squad this year.

Friendsgiving Ideas – Plan The Ultimate Friendsgiving:

Set a date.

Pretty self-explanatory here. Try and be considerate of other people’s schedules, and see if they are swamped with school, work, or are just planning to get an early start on the Thanksgiving break. Try and talk it out with a few people in your squad, and pick a date that works the best for everyone.

Write a list of all the possible date options, create pros and cons for each day, and pick the big date. Make it before Thanksgiving if you can. After Thanksgiving, everyone goes into full holiday mode.

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Invite your guests & establish a headcount.

Once the date is set, create a list of all the people you want coming to your Friendsgiving celebration. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate everyone, should everyone RSVP that they’re coming to your celebration.

Send out an invite to your guests. Facebook events are an awesome way to keep track of everyone’s RSVP status and see who hasn’t responded so you can constantly annoy the hell out of them to get them to send you a response. A group text is also a good idea…but be careful of this since people constantly remove themselves when it gets too chatty.

Establishing who will and won’t be there is super important since you need to have enough places to sit, food, plates etc. Like I said, be annoying- you have my permission lol.

Divide and conquer.

Split up the duties and cooking responsibility. Make it a potluck so everyone brings a side dish of some sort, while you cook the main course. Write everything down too, so you can keep track and stay organized.

I’ve created a super awesome Friendsgiving Checklist to help you stay on top of your game as you plan the ultimate Friendsgiving celebration.

Get fancy.

One of my favorite Friendsgiving ideas– get fancy. It’s not every day that you get to dress up all classy with the squad. Create a dress code so you can have the party attire looking classy and sharp AF. Don’t get too picky though- you don’t want to have to make someone go out and buy a whole new outfit (unless they want too).

Buy décor.

Create the Friendsgiving atmosphere. Purchase a tablecloth, napkins, etc. that all fit the Thanksgiving/ Fall theme. Candles are super easy, cheap, and add a ton of ambiance to any dinner setting. Pinterest (my fav site ever, has a ton of easy DIY ideas you can create for your Friendsgiving celebration. Check out these 19 centerpiece ideas from *heart eye emoji*

If you’re not the creative type, it’s always easy to go out and buy some fall decorations…besides they’re already on sale because it’s retail and that’s just the way things work.

Make some tasty fall drinks.

The fall sangria recipes I’ve seen look so damn delicious I want to try them all. Sangria is a crowd pleaser and everyone will be sure to enjoy…just make sure you have enough supplies to restock. 😉

Check out Kelly’s Fall Harvest Sangria Recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny or Elaine’s Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria from Flavour and Savor.


Eat and Enjoy Each other’s company.

Now that all the hard stuff is out of the way, it’s time to relax, unwind and enjoy Friendsgiving for what it is- a chance to take a step back and really appreciate all the amazing friendships you’ve made in your life. After all, “friends are the family you choose.”

What other Friendsgiving Ideas have you come up with over the years?

Happy Friendsgiving!

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