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Things to Do In Newport Beach, CA – Whale Watching Tours

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I’ve officially lived out in Orange County, California for SIX months.

Literally WHAT?! Time freakin’ flies. Still relatively newish to the area, my boyfriend and I recently explored some more of our backyard and gave the Newport Beach whale watching tours a run for their money.

Guys, whether you’re a southern California native or just here on vacation, you HAVE to try whale watching! It’s so much fun, and an awesome way to occupy two-ish hours of your day. If you’re looking for things to do in Newport Beach, CA, sign up for whale watching tours!

Newport Beach Whale Watching Tours

Did you guys know Southern California is known to be one of the top whale watching locations WORLDWIDE? SoCal is loaded with various companies carpein’ the diem, and giving whale watching tours on the daily. Newport Beach whale watching was actually a perfect day activity for Travis and me since we live only 20ish minutes away.

We decided to tour with Davey’s Locker. They have various departure ports across the region so more likely than not they offer cruises in close proximity to wherever you live/stay along the Cali coast. The time of year you visit is negligible since these whales/cruises are something to see all year long.

Things to Do in Southern California - Newport Beach Whale Watching Tours

The cruise typically lasts 2 hours, giving you and your squad plenty of chances to see whales, sea lions, dolphins, and other marine species. On board, there is a snack bar filled with plenty of dining options and booze as well. However, I wouldn’t load up too much on the food/beer since the boat can get pretty rocky.

The captain and crew communicate with other tour boats, so you’re guaranteed to see something pretty awesome on your cruise. They offer several trips per day, so you can pick a time that fits your schedule to go.

Things to Do in Southern California - Newport Beach Whale Watching Tours

The best part? It’s not that expensive.

Pricing isn’t bad at all. HUGE win for my broke a$$. $36 per person is the set price for adults. However, my boyfriend and I got a sweet deal of $46 total ($23 a person). #Winning.

Whale Watching isn’t the only tour offered. If you’re about that deep-sea fishing (which I am not), Davey’s Locker offers deep sea fishing cruises as well…pretty cool if you’re into that sorta thing.

On our tour, there was no “whale completely jumps out of the water,” mind-boggling, viral video-worthy moment. But it was still so awesome to see whales as they surfaced and came up for air. The boat crew kept the educational info coming, and gave us a wee bit of background info on gray whales and their mannerisms. We even got to see the mom and kid (kid whale? Baby whale? Pup whale?) migrate up the coast. It was really freakin’ cool.

Things to Do in Southern California - Newport Beach Whale Watching Tours

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The Verdict:

Overall, we had such an amazing time exploring with Davey’s Locker Newport Beach whale watching tours. I would 10/10 absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

If you do decide to go, I do have a few recommendations.

  1. If you get seasick, prepare yo self. Open water can get pretty rocky, especially if it is particularly windy. Stock up on Dramamine and other sea sickness products to get you ready.
  2. Bring your camera! You don’t want to miss any opportunities to get an amazing picture! I just bought a Sony mirrorless camera and I’m in love.
  3. Sunscreen is crucial. Protect yo skin, homies.
  4. Have fun! Go with a group of friends or family to make the trip extra memorable.

Things to Do in Newport Beach - Newport Beach Whale Watching

Tbh, I would love to tour again sometime soon! It’s definitely a humbling experience seeing the mass and size of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Each tour offers something different with new marine creatures being spotted and tracked on the daily…

…I’m just tryna spot a mermaid!

Have you ever gone on a whale watching tour? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below!

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  • Reply
    April 6, 2018 at 5:05 PM

    I’ve been on tons of whale watching excursions on the east coast but have yet to try any out west. I’m headed down to Cali in August, I’ll have to finally take the plunge!

    • Reply
      April 8, 2018 at 9:05 AM

      That’s a great idea! I’ve actually never been whale watching out east (even though I’m from the east coast).

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