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What to Expect When Moving in With Your Boyfriend (Part I: Week One)

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So my boyfriend and I are doing a thing and moving in together.

Hi, you guys!! If you haven’t been following my previous posts here’s a little update for Y’all. My boyfriend and I [finally] pulled the trigger and are moving in together! I recently landed an internship with Disney and moved out to SoCal to live with my boyfriend after a 5-year long distance relationship. It’s been a super exciting, but also very nerve-racking past week.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t freaking out about it. I mean… going from seeing each other every few months to spending so much time together? Definitely overwhelming for the both of us.

Keep reading to learn about my experience thus far moving in together with my boyfriend- one week in!

What to Expect When Moving In Together - One Week In

What to Expect When Moving In Together – One Week In:

I had to clean…a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, Travis isn’t super messy. He doesn’t eat in his room and puts his dirty clothes in a hamper where they belong. I’d say he could definitely be worse, and I could definitely be worse off. But still… I had to clean a lot.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so I get my crazy cleanliness from my mother. When I move into a new place, I have to clean it from top to bottom, otherwise, I’ll always be uncomfortable and it’ll never feel like home. Crazy as it sounds, it’s true!

The bathroom was definitely the hardest to clean, and he only had like one bottle of Windex and some disinfecting wipes. I had to buy some heavy-duty sh*t from the store.

Thank god for Kaboom Shower Cleaner and Swiffer Dusters. They are amazinggg. 

We had to buy a dresser.

He was living alone, and prior to my arrival, all he needed was his walk-in closet for clothing storage. Little did he know, I was coming with loads of clothes. (I have a lot of clothes, what else can I say?!)

I warned him ahead of time, and as soon as I arrived we went to buy a dresser. It was a smart move on both our parts since now the dresser and the closet are pretty full. Moving in together required way more storage.

He doesn’t know much about home decorating.

We’re both college graduates and in our mid-20s. Personally, I no longer want a bedroom to feel like a dorm. It’s time to get rid of the posters, stickers, and other things that are hanging on the wall. My obsession with HGTV may factor into this logic…

During my several shopping trips, I bought baskets and other home decorating items… you know, to make it more homey and cozy (and neater). After I set it all up he loved it. Trust me Trav, I know what I’m doing 😉

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I bought these to hang on the wall and they look SO good…Travis loves them too!

I don’t want to make too many changes right away…but my next mission is the bedding.

I’m not used to sharing my food.

For the past 6 years, my roommates and I would buy our own food and share only a few items. After moving in together, things are slightly different now that I’m shopping for two people instead of one. Also, he eats different things that I don’t know how to shop for??

Pros to this: he is such a good cook. It’s nice to share the cooking responsibilities since it makes things a little easier, and cooking is definitely not a strength of mine.

I’m scared to poop lol.

I know some of y’all are super open about things like that, but personally, I am pretty closed off when it comes to having to go #2. I’ve managed to avoid it for 5 years since we’ve only spent about a week together at a time. It sounds stupid, but I’m okay with keeping a little mystery in our relationship especially when it comes to that subject.

Now that we live together and share a bathroom, things are a little different and I’m facing my fear.

Thanks to Poo-Pourri, I don’t have to face my fear alone. I can do my business without anyone knowing. (If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a toilet spray that masks all the smells). You can buy Poo-Pourri on Amazon for only $10 bucks, and it’s worth every penny.

What to Expect When Moving In Together - One Week In


Overall, this first week has been really good….like really good.

We’re not sick of each other [yet] and Travis has adapted pretty quickly to my changes. Moving in together doesn’t feel real, as it’s only been a week and I haven’t started my working. Despite this, I’m looking forward to more adventures as we continue living together. Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks! 🙂

*Update: Check out how it’s been living together for one month*

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