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9 Tips to Help Your Long Distance Relationship Thrive

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Long distance relationships suck. 

If you’re here now, I’m assuming you or someone you know is involved in a long distance relationship. Welcome to the club…we’ve got romcoms, ice cream, and tissues. Having been in mine for 5 freakin’ years, I can confidently share my long distance relationship tips to help yours thrive.

Being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy. Some days are easier than others, and I’d be lying if I told you my boyfriend and I haven’t had our issues. Having had more than my fair share at an LDR, I have some awesome long distance relationship tips to share.

When you know you’ve won the jackpot (love you Trav xo), you gotta do what you gotta do to stay with the person you love. Keep scrolling to read my 9 long distance relationship tips that I’ve used over the last 5 years.

Long Distance Relationship Tips - 9 Important Tips to Help Your Long-Distance Relationship Thrive

Long Distance Relationship Tips:

1. Communication is key.

What makes long distance relationships special is that they’re not solely based on a physical connection. Communication is the foundation of what makes a long distance relationship work.

If you have a problem or issue with your person, they can’t just look at your body language and know. You gotta speak up! If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough attention, or feel uncomfortable with anything, let your partner know so you can talk it out.

Even if you’re having a bad day, or received really great news, share it with your partner. They want to hear from you. For example, the other day I was having a solid (slightly hormonal) mental breakdown and called Travis and just cried for 10 minutes…and it was great.

That’s not even sarcastic. I felt so much better afterward. The number one long distance relationship tip I can give is to communicate communicate communicate!

2. Talking is great…but don’t overdo it.

With long distance, communication is sometimes overcompensated because you aren’t with the other person, especially towards the beginning of your separation.

Hate to break it to ya, but you don’t need to talk them 24/7…and I won’t lie I struggle(d) with this one. We all do other sh*t that requires our attention and probably deserves it. If you’re hanging out with your friends, be with your friends. If you’re driving, PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD.

3. Send Pics.

and NO, I’m not talking about nudes (unless you’re about it). Sending pictures is another great way to communicate what kind of mood you’re in and/or how you’re feeling. I send Travis probably 5 or 6 puppy pics a day.

Maybe you look damn good (which is probably true) and are feeling yourself and want to share it with your man/woman. Whatever the case, it’s always nice to be able to see or share something with your significant other, even if it’s just a picture.

4. Make some rules.

It’s crucial to establish some ground rules before the long distance, so there isn’t any confusion between you both.

Are you exclusive? How do you feel about dancing with other people? Flirting?

It’s important to make these so that there aren’t any questions on boundaries. If you decide you want to change a rule? See #1.

5. Share an activity together.

This idea is one of my faves. There are so many activities that you can do together without actually physically being together. Travis and I are all about the Netflix binge. Share a show, book, playlist or game like Words With Friends or Quiz Up. It’s easy to connect virtually and devote time to a shared activity (that you were probably going to do alone anyway).


long distance relationship advice

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 6. Make a virtual date.

Dating shouldn’t stop because of the distance! Set aside a time & place to video chat, Skype or Facetime with your man/woman. Order in food, and watch a movie…just make sure your phone or computer is plugged in!

7. Surprise them.

No, I’m not talking about physically showing up with they least expect it (unless you can do that/afford it because that’s a great idea). Surprise them by showing them you are thinking about them even when they think you aren’t. I’m old fashioned and love flowers, but try to personalize it.

I had a roommate in college whose boyfriend had a pizza delivered to our door when she was studying for an important exam. #relationshipGOALS

8. Talk to other people in the same situation.

Like everything else in life, some days are worse than others. I’m not one to hold back emotions, but sometimes talking with friends or family makes you feel 1000x better. Also, talking to others in a similar situation or even reading about other people’s experiences is helpful. Loving From a Distance is a website that has testimonies and other long distance relationship advice. Not only that, but it has long distance themed gifts that you can purchase!

9. Live your own life.

This I cannot stress enough and is probably the most valuable lesson I learned throughout my 5-year relationship.

Having my separate “life,” I found my own friends, interests and hobbies, all while he did the same. The learning process doesn’t stop just because you aren’t physically with each other. I know his quirks and he knows mine. Our relationship is dynamic and we both have changed a lot over the past 5 years, but we rode the waves and made it work because we wanted too.

long distance relationship advice

Like I said, long distance relationships suck.  By following this long distance relationship advice you can make it through even the toughest of times. Don’t forget, it’s all about those moments when you get to see each other again- they make everything you’re doing absolutely worth it.

How do you make your long distance relationship work? What are your long distance relationship tips you can offer to other readers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Reply
    Andrea Brito
    July 15, 2017 at 2:52 PM

    Hey! 🙂 I’m the girl from the Pinterest Group you’ve sent an email. I was checking your blog and it’s really nice and cute. You and your boyfriend are adorable together. I totally can relate to this post, because I’m also in a 5 years long distance relationship. haha

    Kisses from Brazil xo

    • Reply
      Amanda C
      July 16, 2017 at 2:32 AM

      Thank you so much! I appreciate the insight 🙂

  • Reply
    October 23, 2017 at 8:50 PM

    Love this post! I can definitely relate as my partner and I been long-distance for the past 3 1/2 years. Communication is soo important. Love your blog btw!

    • Reply
      October 23, 2017 at 9:04 PM

      Long-distance is definitely tough, but I hope it works out for you! Thanks so much Lily!!

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