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Life as a Disney Intern – Working for the Walt Disney Company

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Today marks my one-month anniversary working as a Disney intern!

Alright…a month and a few days, but close enough! I originally planned to write a post earlier on (since I mention the fact that I’m a Disney intern in like every post lol), but it’s nearly impossible to judge how you like a job after 1 week. After all, the first week is mainly introductions and getting settled in.

Now that I’ve been working as a Disney intern for a month, I have a much better understanding of what I do, and what I’ll be doing until March. Keep reading below to learn about my experience working as a professional intern for The Walt Disney Company.

Life as a Disney Intern_ Working for the Most Magical Company on Earth

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First Things First…

I want to give a little background on my position and what I do for Disney. I work in corporate out in California so I’m not actually a Disney Princess, but I still like to think I am ?.

My department is corporate citizenship, which encompasses things like diversity, philanthropy and charity work, and sustainability (which is what I do)!

I work to assist in data collection for greenhouse gas emissions, as well as water and waste data across all of Disney’s business segments. So, every theme park, resort, store, and studio send in their energy data usage to myself and my coworkers. The data is analyzed and tracked over years, with the goal to eventually achieve net zero emissions.

Cool, right? I think so.

Let’s dive on into my life as Disney intern- working for The Walt Disney Company.

I Do Real Work As a Disney intern

The best way to learn is by getting real-world experience, and as a Disney intern, I actually do that. No coffee runs, or filing organizing for me! I’m getting exposed to all the different projects that my environmental sustainability team is involved in and it’s awesome. You learn pretty quickly when you are able to apply things to the real world and not just a problem in a textbook.

Personally, I was super nervous to be in a corporate setting. I am the type of person who likes changing up my daily routine, or else I’ll easily become distracted.

However, I and so many others are tied to the Disney brand. It keeps you on your toes, and it’s super exciting to be able to apply the work you’re doing to a company that you have grown up with and hold close to your heart.

The company you chose to work with, is just as important as the job.

The people on my floor have been so welcoming to the newbie interns. Disney employees show genuine interest in your work, as well as future career aspirations. Networking is super important at such a large company like Disney, but the people you work with make it much easier…especially since networking can be kind of scary (or am I the only person who thinks this?).

The internship program is pretty large, so they constantly hold intern events and lunches so you can get to know your fellow Disney interns and learn about different roles and different departments.

If you think I’m NOT gonna purchase something like this Disney onesie with my employee discount you’re crazy. If only I could wear it to work.


They also have so many resource groups that you can get involved in. I am apart of Women at Disney, Commuter Assistance and more. Additionally, they have a VoluntEARS group that employees can join and give back to the surrounding community.

Moral of the story, the company, and culture you chose to work for is just as important as your role.

As for me personally, I really like Disney. It’s a huge company, and not many people realize all that it offers. Don’t forget, it’s not just Disneyworld or Disneyland…it’s ABC, Freeform, ESPN, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

You get some sweet PERKS.

Everyone likes a good discount ;).

If you’re an intern you get free admission to the park. I have yet to use mine, but I will absolutely use it several times over the next 6 months, and that’s a cold hard fact. You also have the option to accumulate guest park passes with more hours you work!

Not to mention, you also get some pretty nice discounts on Disney products, and other services through the company.

Like I said, I’m only a month in, but I’m really digging it so far. I’d be happy to keep you all in the loop as my internship continues! Feel free to comment with any questions 🙂

If you are interested in looking for the opportunity to become a Disney intern yourself, click here.

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