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20 Goals to Set For Yourself in Your Twenties

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Go shawty, it’s ya birthday!

I’m officially twenty-four years old…the big 2 4! Birthday’s are a great reason to reflect on everything that’s happened to you over the past year. They are also a great reason to grow and focus on goal setting for the next year ahead of you. I’ve created a list of 20 goals to set in your 20’s.

Unlike the lyrics from 1985 (such a tasty jam btw), my dreams haven’t gone out the door. In fact, they’re only just beginning! I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, and am beginning my Disney internship tomorrow! If you’re looking for some goals to set in your 20’s for yourself, keep scrollin’ my dudes.

20 Goals to Set for Yourself in Your Twenties

20 Goals to Set In Your 20’s:

1. Workout more.

24…old af. Totally kidding…sorta. As we get older, our health starts to decline and it’s not as easy to stay in shape. Unless you’re Benjamin Button, that’s just the way life works, and we all have to accept it. We can either wallow or do something about it…hence why it’s the first of many goals to set in your 20’s.

I admit I am a lazy POS sometimes. Working out has never been my favorite activity…especially running [I HATE RUNNING]. However, working out helps you so much mentally and physically, and affects us way more than we realize. Obviously, the hot bod comes as an added bonus, but I am really striving to workout it for my heart health.

2. Eat healthier/drink more water.

This sorta goes along with working out more, but I find that eating healthy consistently is always something I’ve had issues with.

*By the way if you haven’t watched this video, you gotta. SO funny. Watch it here.*

Don’t get me wrong, I love my veggies and fruits. I’ve never had an issue with being a picky eater. I just also love chocolate and sugar…and it’s usually just easier to microwave a bowl of Spaghetti-O’s.

So how am I going to work on this goal?

First things first, I’m going to try to go grocery shopping after I eat. Grocery shopping while you’re hungry, is always a disaster waiting to happen. You always end up buying ALL the things.

As for actually cooking, I’m going to try to give meal prepping and healthy freezer Crockpot meals a try. The ladies at MyMommyStyle compiled 15 healthy meal prep ideas, while Christine at Buzzfeed listed 10 freezer crockpot recipes…..and they all look so good.

Another addition to the goals to set in your 20’s is to monitor how much water you drink. I know for a fact I don’t drink enough, and when you’re hydrated your health is way better off.

3. Learn to let go of the little things.

Raise your hand if you sometimes get heated over the littlest things *Raises both of my hands*.

I’ve always known I’m sensitive, but I’m slowly starting to realize that there is no need to hold on to grudges and negative energy when it really doesn’t matter in the long-term.

Have you ever heard of the 5×5 rule? It goes a little something like this:

“If it’s not gonna matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset by it.” 24 is the year where I take this more into practice. In your twenties, realizing what is worth getting mad over vs. what isn’t is crucial.

4. Get more organized.

I tend to do this thing where when I get the slightest bit overwhelmed, I spiral down into a giant pit of stress.

As I get older, I am understanding myself more and what organization processes work for me. This year, I am going to work to get super organized.

How? By using a beautiful planner, and actually writing things down. I’m scatterbrained, so if I don’t write things down, there’s a 90% chance I’ll forget it.

I’m actually obsessed with Erin Condren planners. They’re so cute…and if you click that link you get $10 off your first purchase. Yes, please!

goals to set in your 20's

5. Network, network, network.

I’ve said this already, but I’m starting an internship with Disney and I could not be more excited about it.

The only problem is that it’s an internship. Cha girl is now done with her Master’s and is gonna need a full-time job.

Prior to receiving this internship, I applied to over 200 jobs. Seriously, I wish I was kidding. The market is so so SO competitive these days. More often than not, receiving jobs offers goes with who you know, and the professional connections you make during college and other internship experiences.

A great goal to set in your 20’s is to get more professional connections. Networking is everything.

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6. Save money.

I think that saving my money is broad, but an important goal I’ll be focusing on. I’m getting to the point where my car could die at any moment, and I would absolutely love to be a homeowner someday. My goal is to save my pennies, whether it be spending less on frivolous things, clipping coupons, or utilizing a saving method.

The Practical Penny shared an awesome 3-month plan to save $1,000! Holla for a dollaa.

7. Build or Start a blog.

I really want to work more on my blog! I’ve had it for about 3 months now, and I gotta say I love it. I enjoy writing about all things lifestyle, and having the opportunity to share my posts with everyone! Like many bloggers mention, it’s definitely time-consuming and hard work, but so rewarding. I’m looking forward to expanding!

8. Find a Job I love.

Work is important. Especially if we are doing it until we are old folk. You know what I don’t want to happen to me? I don’t want to be in a position where I wake up every weekday and I’m miserable to go to work. That’s a definite NO!

My #8 goal to set in my 20’s is to find a job I love. Find yourself a job that gives you purpose, and/or makes a difference in yourselves and our community.

9. Volunteer.

I want to volunteer more in my twenties. Whether it’s puppy raising another service doggo, or simply donating money to a cause I care about, I want to volunteer my time or finances.

10. Find Positivity in Every Day.

Of course, some days will always be harder than others. That’s what life is– a rollercoaster of events. While there are good and bad days, there is always something good to find in each and every day. I want to go to bed every night reflecting on my day and remembering that there is always something to be happy about with each passing day.

20 goals to set in your 20's

11. Explore.

Everyone always states that traveling is one of the best ways to spend your time. I want to explore new places, whether it’s local shops and small businesses, or travel the world. In my 20’s, I want to explore the WORLD!

12. Maintain Healthy Relationships and Leave Shit Ones.

Yep. I’m putting it pretty blatantly lol. There are great relationships, and there are ones that hurt you.

Your 20’s are some of the best and most important years to maintain those good relationships. It’s also at a point in your 20’s where I believe that we are mature enough to come to terms with a toxic relationship in our lives. It’s important to know and learn the difference, as well as be able to let go of someone who is only bringing you down.

13. Live in a different place.

Lucky #13 on the list of goals to set in your 20’s – live in a different place. While we’re young, and not settled down with a family and kids, it’s so important to experience a city where you haven’t lived before.

And no, I’m not talking about a week vacation. A week is too little to really take it all in.

Each place has a different culture and a different way of life. Whether it’s just across the United States, or abroad, we all have different mannerisms and behaviors that vary by region.

When you give yourself a chance to explore a new spot, you learn about what you like and what you don’t. Maybe you thought you loved summer the most, but moved to a warm climate and missed the snow. The opportunities to learn about yourself and others are endless when you live in a different city or state. From that, we grow.

20 goals to set in your 20's

 14. Get a Pet.

Pets are love, pets are life. That’s a given and most if not all people agree that having a little doggy or kitty around is an absolute joy.

In your 20’s, consider getting a pet to keep you company (as long as you can devote enough time and money to it!). If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a breeder, check out your local animal shelter for a loving friend. They’re in need of a good home, and you can help with that!

15. Take on a New Hobby.

I’ve already got a million hobbies, but one more can’t hurt 🙂 Just because you finish school, doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. Even if it’s just a new hobby like crocheting or sewing, you are keeping your mind sharp, and doing something to make you happy.

16. Be More Mindful.

Along with my physical workout goals, I want to start working out my mind.

We often get stuck in our anxieties and fears, that we forget to stay in the present moment. So in your 20’s, try and stay mindful. Focus on all your 5 senses, and be in tune with your breathing.

17. Read more often.

Ok, I love reading. The hardest part is actually picking up the book! Seriously though Barnes and Noble is always such a reminder that I need to start reading.

Like it’s so good for you. It keeps your mind sharp, helps that vocabulary swag, and is a great way to be entertained. All my reader friends get lost in a good book for hours. In my 20’s, I want to read more and keep learning.

20 goals to set in your 20's

18. Get certified.

#18 on goals to set in your 20’s = get CERTIFIED. For me, I want to get yoga teacher training certification. It’s on my bucket list and my 20’s is definitely the best time to make it happen. Yoga teaches so many valuable lessons that can be carried both on and off the mat.

Whatever you want to get certification in, whether it be yoga, scuba etc. your twenties is the best time to make it happen.

19. Take risks.

Interpret this however you find applicable to your own situation. Whether it’s career-wise, moving-wise etc. We are young, and now’s the best time in our lives to build the courage and take chances.

20. Follow your passion.

#20 on the list of goals to set in your 20’s. Follow your freaking passion!

Ask yourself what makes you tick. Take the first thing that pops into your head and run with it. If you follow your heart and do what makes you passionate, you can never go wrong in life. Live your best lives and follow your passions sistas!

What do you want to do in your 20’s? Comment your own ideas for goals to set in your 20’s below!

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