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Fall Date Ideas for Any Budget

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It’s officially FALL!

Fall is absolutely hands down, my favorite season. I mean what’s not to love?! The changing leaves, the cute clothes, the snuggling weather…cuffing season is near my friends. Autumn is magical since it offers so many new and exciting fall date ideas that most seasons don’t offer. There are ample options for the people who’ve got money to blow, and the people who…well….not so much. 

If you’re looking for ideas for new fall date ideas this year, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve come up with some great ideas, and am super excited to share them with you all!

17 Amazing Fall Date Ideas:

Go to a Sports Game/Tailgate.

Fall brings all the best sports! Football, hockey baseball- whatever you’re into there are ample opportunities to tailgate. The best part is that it shouldn’t be super cold out, so you don’t have to wear 18 jackets to stay warm. They don’t call it tailgating szn for nothing.

If you’re a student you can get discounted or free tickets to football games. I <3 college football and I <3 student discounts.

Oktoberfest Date.

I’m not German, but I’m always looking for reasons to go out and have a good time. Oktoberfest events start popping up around this time and I’ve never heard of anyone having a bad time there…beside’s I love how everyone gets all dressed up. Festive AF.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch.

I am obsessed with pumpkin patches. So many of my best childhood memories start there. There’s nothing like searching through a sea of small and large pumpkins competing to find the perfect one.

Carve Pumpkins.

Once you get your pumpkin(s) carve those babies up! If you’re carving one pumpkin, come up with a cute design you’ll both love. If you’re carving two, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to see who’s is the best ?. Don’t peak though for the big reveal at the end!

fall date ideas for any budget

Apple Picking.

Apple picking ties in a lot with pumpkin picking, and both are great fall date ideas. Nothing screams fall like apples. Apple orchards also make for a great Instagram photos *hint hint*.


After you pick a million apples, you obviously gotta bake a pie! Even if you don’t have apples, baking is a fun and intimate “project” for just the two of you. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, apple cinnamon monkey bread… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Have a Scary Movie Marathon.

Scary movie or Halloween movies, whichever floats your boat. I swear some of the best movies are Halloween movies. The Nightmare before Christmas, Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus!!!

My boyfriend and I just watched ‘It’ the other day, and I’m still scared (but I’m also a baby when it comes to scary movies).


One of my favorite things about fall is the changing leaves. They’re absolutely breathtaking. Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the changing leaves while being out and about in nature.

The best part is that hiking is basically free, and one of the most affordable and breathtaking (literally) fall date ideas. You can totally bring the cakes and cookies you made and set up a little picnic wherever you go!

Take a Weekend Getaway.

For those of you with a higher budget, weekend getaways are always perfect fall date idea. With more and more airlines being super cheap like Spirit and Frontier, you can explore so many new places!

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If you’re not trying to go very far, look up a bed and breakfast a short drive away. Amtrak offers a variety of train routes to choose from as well!

fall date ideas

Visit a Vineyard.

I think so many people think that once summer ends, the wine tours and vineyard activities do too. That’s where you’re all wrong! Wine tasting in the fall is one of the best activities around- and it’s romantic af (if you want it to be).

Make Apple Cider.

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, and putting on makeup (hell yeah) apple cider making is the way to go. Melissa from Bless this Mess posted an amazing tutorial on Slow Cooker Apple Cider. I recently bought a Crock-Pot Slow Cooker from Amazon, so I’m for SURE trying this soon with my guy.

fall date ideas

Go on a Haunted House tour.

More scary things! Tis the season.

Attend a Halloween/Fall Bar Crawl.

I love dressing up for Halloween. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I take my Halloween costumes very seriously. I’ve had this upcoming Halloween costume in mind since November of last year.

Create a couple’s idea for an awesomely adorable Halloween costume and go out to a Halloween bar crawl. My cousin and I attended a Tablelist ‘Drink to Fall‘ Bar Crawl two years ago in Boston, and it was SO MUCH FUN.

Corn Maze/Hay Ride.

Google fall corn mazes or hayrides near you and get lost with each other!

Check out a Local Fall Festival.

Fall weather = festival weather. Check out local advertisements for fall-related festivals near you. Go out, explore and enjoy.

Have a Bonfire.

Cozy up by the fire together and enjoy each other’s warmth and company :).

Go to an Amusement Park.

Amusement Parks are notorious for creating fun/cutesy or bloody/terrifying Halloween displays around this time of year. I’m more familiar with Six Flag’s Fright Fest, and Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights, but check out this link to a Travel Channel post about additional options for Halloween amusement park celebrations.

fall date ideas

Again, I love autumn because it offers so many new and exciting fall date ideas that no other season can offer. If you try any or have any new ideas, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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