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The Many Benefits of Doing Yoga at Home

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Namaste fellow yogis!

It’s almost the end of January. Are you still going hard at your yogi New Year’s resolutions? Don’t have one? It’s never too late to get started! Whether you’re practicing at a studio or doing yoga at home it’s absolutely worth investing your time into.

Contrary to popular belief, doing yoga at home is just as fulfilling as going to a studio. Depending on your personality, you might even benefit more from the practice in the comfort of your own dojo.

The Amazing Benefits of Doing Yoga at Home - Creating an "At-Home" Yoga Practice

Here are the benefits of doing yoga at home:

It’s Way Cheaper –

I’m going to start off with one of the most obvious answers. Practicing yoga at home saves you a TON of money. Unless you hop from yoga Groupon to yoga Groupon, it can actually be a pretty expensive investment. I recently had an unlimited yoga membership for $130 a month (and that was with a student discount).

$130*12 = $1560 a year. For a recent graduate who just moved across the US, and with student loan payments looming in the distance…I need to save all the money I can.

When you practice yoga at home you really just need a yoga mat. They can range from $10 – $100, so depending on what you’re looking for, it may be worth the initial splurge. The more often you practice, the more you can expand your inventory by adding yoga accessories such as yoga blocks, or even a yoga wheel.  If you’re looking for some ~fancy~ yoga equipment, check out my other post regarding yoga gift ideas.

You Can Create Your Own Space –

Nothing says total customization like being able to do yoga at home. Only you can know exactly what you’re trying to get out of your practice. By doing yoga at home, you have the ability to create your own space exactly the way you desire.  Before you begin your practice, you can change up the environment to match your intentions.

Are you looking for a bright and open practice? Open up those window shades and let in some of that natural light. Have a raging headache from all the wine you drank last night? Keep them shades closed and keep the environment on the cooler side.

For another example, if you want an energized and active practice, consider using some peppermint or citrus essential oils. If you’re looking to restore, work with lavender oils, or add in a comfortable yogi blanket or bolster.

You Can Wear Whatever You Want –

There’s no need to dress to impress anyone while you’re doing yoga at home. Practicing in your own space gives you the chance to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. You can wear multiple layers if you run cold, or practice naked if you’re about that lifestyle (just be careful if you live with other people lol).

When you practice in the comfort of your own space, you’re able to let go of insecurities and devote 100% of yourself to the process. No one is judging your rat’s nest of hair that hasn’t been washed in 4 days, or of the fact that you forgot to put on deodorant and are sweating actual buckets.

Judge Free Zone –

Which brings me to my next point – doing yoga at home is doing yoga in a judge free zone.

Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite things about yoga is that instructors and teachers always encourage you to eliminate competition. Practicing yoga is for thyself, and you shouldn’t be comparing your practice with others.

But when you’re in a studio surrounded by other yogis with 4 walls covered in mirrors, it’s pretty damn HARD not to compare yourself with Ms. Handstand across the room.

It’s human nature to compete and compare ourselves to other beings. But we mustn’t forget our objectives and intentions for our yoga practice. To grow mentally, we have to let go of judgment. If this is particularly hard for you (it is for me!!!) you’ll totally benefit from ridin’ solo and doing yoga at home.

You Can Design Your Own Playlist –

While I definitely enjoy the thrill of going to a yoga class and being totally surprised by the music selection, it’s nice to be able to listen to exactly what I want when I practice yoga at home.

If I want a faster, upbeat workout, my playlist will definitely show it. If I’m looking to restore and relax, I’ll put on slower, [usually instrumental] music. When you get to choose the music you want to listen to, you get to fully immerse yourself in nothing but the best of vibes.

benefits of doing yoga at home

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Easy Access to Unlimited Resources –

The internet is vast. By doing yoga at home, you’ve got your electronics by your side, and can easily change up your practice by following online videos with your favorite yogis as your guide.

Some sites like Manduka and Gaiam offer new classes almost every day, but usually for a small fee. If you’re looking to stay on your budget of $0 (haaay) Youtube has some amazing videos. My favorite Youtube Yogi’s include Yoga with Adriene, and Yoga by Candace. Additionally, yoga blogs like Yogi Approved and Yogi Times have a ton of free resources that you can check out.

If you aren’t in the mood to follow along with a guide, simply shut off your electronics and create your practice as you go. Go with the flow, my friends.

Bonus points** you don’t need to feel guilty of disrupting a studio setting if you need to quickly Pinterest how to pretzel your body into a new yoga pose you’ve never tried.

Let it RIP –

Yoga challenges our body by building strength and improving flexibility. It’s no surprise that bending and twisting our body into forward folds, handstands, and downward dogs causes our body to react in ways that’ll may be mildly embarrassing in a social setting.

While people are usually pretty understanding about those times you accidentally pass gas or cooch fart, it’s still not something you feel 100% comfortable doing in a yoga class.

At home though, you’re totally free to let it RIP. So, get on your mat, and let your body do its thing…but definitely, accessorize with an open window or candle lolol.

 benefits of doing yoga at home


I love going to a yoga studio, putting my phone away in a locker, and temporarily escaping the giant pile of laundry, and the dishes piled up in the sink. Taking that hour out of my day and devoting 100% into my practice is a great opportunity to reflect, set new intentions and grow both physically and mentally.

Ah, but of course, life happens.

Sometimes you’re a college student who doesn’t have money and has a report due at midnight that they haven’t started, or you’re a new mom who needs to take care of her baby.

Or you’re an established entrepreneur jet-setting your way around the world. Or maybe you’re a new college graduate with an internship position but have a LONG ASS commute (aka my current situation).

There are so many good reasons to roll out your mat and do yoga at home. While it does require some self-discipline, the physical and mental results are totally worth it. So, get on your damn mat!

How do you fit yoga into your schedule? Do you prefer studio settings or yoga at home? Share your answers in the comments!

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