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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Out of Your Apartment

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Hello, Beautiful People and Happy Monday!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve made any blog posts but I’ve been absolutely swamped. I’ve had to move out of my old apartment, secure a new apartment, write and defend my thesis, create an apartment move out checklist blah blah blah…

…moral of the story, I’ve been stressed.

Moving is never an easy task, especially as a 20-something jumping from place to place. However, I’ve compiled an apartment move out checklist of items, that may help you in the future if you decide to relocate and move out yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Out of Your Apartment - Apartment Move Out Tips and Checklist

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Out of Your Apartment – With an Apartment Move Out Checklist:

1. Pack Clothing.

This tip is pretty self-explanatory. Pack clothing you don’t need well ahead of time, so you’re not rushing to pack all the things 24 hours prior to moving out.

I’m telling you ladies, you have a lot more clothes and accessories than you realize. Even if you think you have a lot, you probably have more. It helps to pack seasonal items first…aka if you’re moving out at the end of the summer, you won’t be needing your winter clothes and scarves.

*Helpful Hints*: Pack your closet hanging clothes in garbage bags so you don’t need to take them off the hangers!

2. Forward Mail.

[Unless you never changed your mailing address], this is something that everyone should do. It’s super easy and only costs you $1. All you have to do is search the United States Postal Service Website (If you are a US resident anyway). Moreover, you can easily change your address and have your mail sent to your new place at whatever date you set to move out.

3. Cancel Any Internet/Cable Providers.

No one wants to be charged extra money for services they are no longer receiving. If your apartment complex did not come with these additional features, don’t forget to cancel!

4. Fill in Nail Holes

Make sure you cover up any nail or thumb tack holes you made while living in your apartment. I use a white soap bar to fill in any tiny holes. You can’t even tell I used a hammer and nails!

5. Return keys

The last thing you want to have happened to you is getting charged for something as silly as forgetting to return any keys/parking passes, that were provided to you. At my last apartment complex, losing your tiny mailbox key can cost up to $100 dollars to replace…yikes.

Make sure you’ve returned your keys to the right person or place after all your belongings have been moved out!

6. Take Photos

This is so important, and a lot of people forget about this, moving in and out of leased properties.

Take pictures of the walls, floors, furniture (if provided) bathroom, appliances, all of it. 

By documenting the condition of the apartment prior to your arrival and as you leave, you can get yourself out of a lot of damage claims and expenses that aren’t necessarily your fault. Nothing backs up your claim better than some cold hard picture proof.

apartment move out checklist

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7. Stop auto rent payments.

If you have auto payments set up, do not forget to end them! Find out when your last payment is due and set the automatic payment to end after that time. Again, you don’t want to be charged another month of rent when you don’t have to be.

Likewise, make sure any utility payments are completed. This may be after you move out since that last month has yet to be calculated.

8. Clean, clean, clean!

Deep clean your stove, fridge, any other appliances that came with the apartment etc. Clean the shower toilet, and dust those hard to reach places (can’t forget about any ceiling fans). Sometimes, leaving a shower in crappy conditions can cost as much as it does to replace it. *rolls eyes*

Guys, I love the Magic Eraser for this reason. It cleans your walls and gets out any scuff marks you may have made over the months/years you’ve been there. I would definitely get more than one though since you can go through them pretty fast.

My apartment complex had us professionally clean the carpeted areas, so make sure you find out if you need to have someone come prior to the move out date.

Have your landlord give you a move out inspection if you are able to be present, so you are not charged with any extra damage.

9. Find some help

Moving out alone in a short amount of time is nearly impossible…believe me I’ve tried.

Have friends or family come to help you if they can. Find someone with a pickup truck or large SUV perfect for storing plenty of storage containers and boxes. If you’re looking to go bigger and with only one trip, you can always rent yourself a U-Haul van or truck.

10. Donate unwanted items

Sometimes, we just accumulate too much stuff! Anything like pots and pans, kitchenware, glasses (really pretty much everything) can be donated to Goodwill at any drop off donation center. You can feel better knowing that someone who needs your stuff can have it…besides, the less waste = the better. The last, but one of the most fufilling items on your apartment move out checklist!

That’s all folks! Hope you found this list helpful. If you have any more suggestions feel free to comment below. Happy and safe moving! 🙂

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